Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Songs

Every songs that i listen to has its own story
has its own memory behind it
and ofcourse reminds me of different person in my past
These songs has so much memories flashing everywhere

Favourite Playlist in highschool
  • Neyo - So sick
  • Jojo - Leave & Not that kinda girl
  • Radja - Jujur
  • Boys II Men - The loneliness
  • Frankie J - Obsession
  • High School Musical I (damn!)
  • Temptation - Sugar pie hunny bunch
  • Yellow Card - Only One
  • BB - Incomplete
  • Gwen Stefani - Holla back girl
  • Simple Plan - all songs (i even went to their concert :P)
  • Plain White T's - Hate (I really dont like you)
  • Anberlin - Naive orleans
*the last two songs are the favourite of all time. Puas ooh dgr lagu ni ! reminded me how Billy and i love those songs so muchh ! **


  1. woiwoiwoi. lama tak jumpa. sihat? :)))

  2. budak masscom da sombong:(
    call me .

  3. I dont have your number. Phone hilang. Do call me. 017-2364383.