Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just be yourself.
hmm how can that bring any good to us?

it does SOMETIMES bring good to us but what about people surround us?
Dont need to care what others think of you.
hmm but how come?
they are the judges and we are the participants.

ofcourse we have to care what they said and take it as a positive self-thought.
or if its something about our bad attitude, we should atleast try to improve it
and not just saying " ahhh! who cares? "

we live in and for a community.
we live not for ourselves but for other people too.
when we have succeed in life, dont you think you will share your story with people out there
so that they can feel the spirit of your successfulness ?
so...we do live for other people.
and we do need other people to succeed
and for that we do need someone else's comments.
hear it, take it and make changes.
it does actually bring goods to yourself AND others.

so what about you being yourself?
i personally dont think that phrase can be used for ALL occasion
when the fact is do look around you
and observed what kind of class of people are you in.
whether its you or the "fake" you
it wont be a big issue no more
since we are here in a REAL world
fakers are everywhere and do not be shocked
if one day you will HAVE to be one of them

for good or for worse
at the end of the day
you will still be YOU ~