Saturday, September 18, 2010


My story of Hari Raya.... nothing special about it.just like the past few years, KL would be the place of our first raya. Eventhough there's no one here in KL on the first day of raya,except my relatives at Klang, whats most important is that the each and every family members were there to celebrate. For the rest week of Hari Raya, my family pefer to have a trip for holiday to somwhere out from Malaysia. If last time we went to Bandung, for this year Hatyai was our destination to visit. It was a great experience to be at others country especially those country which are poorer than ours. We should feel grateful though. Pictures were taken for everlasting memories :)

11.00 a.m--> Berlepas ke Hatyai
dh sampai kna tengok map dulu... .. .
JALAN-jalan MakAn-MakAN
roti canai rm 1.50 sekeping !

night markethand-made robot