Saturday, December 11, 2010

ber angan-angan besar

Skarang dah boleh start berangan la kan what kind of house we wish to have in 5 years time, the colour of the bedroom, baby's room too coz most probably kita da kawin by 26. hee:P just to get an idea of it so that we will study smarter and work harder to earn everything that has been written in our wishlist.

so here are some of mine. what ive been dreaming to have in few years time =)

bilik warna purple is very cozy and relaxing.penat2 kerja masuk bilik ni confirm ummph!

toilet pun mesti la nak matching gak ngan bilik kan :P

OR maybe this kind of toilet pun ok gak. SIMPLE !

baby's room !! yellow is sweet and cute

Haa kalau anak dah besar sket confirm suke football kan.

For the girls, bedroom comel2 camni ssuai sgt :D

this is the best part where i wish my future husband and I could have our own sweet time together by sitting ( while im in his arm ) at night
looking out at the stars
and talk about how things are at workplace, about future and stuff like that ;)

pagi2 boleh bfast kat backyard while reading newspapers.

oOoh terasa kesegarannya :D

tapi tu semua ape yang diharapkan je.

ape yang penting in the house is living with a good, caring and loving husband

and ofcourse kids that will complete a married couple's life.

That is all that matters =)

A day at MidValley

These people has been in my life for quite sometime and I Love them ;)
Munera , Aida & Airin

kami akan dapatkan ini bear satu hari nanti :DD p/s: aida siapkan lori nk angkut.