Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just be yourself.
hmm how can that bring any good to us?

it does SOMETIMES bring good to us but what about people surround us?
Dont need to care what others think of you.
hmm but how come?
they are the judges and we are the participants.

ofcourse we have to care what they said and take it as a positive self-thought.
or if its something about our bad attitude, we should atleast try to improve it
and not just saying " ahhh! who cares? "

we live in and for a community.
we live not for ourselves but for other people too.
when we have succeed in life, dont you think you will share your story with people out there
so that they can feel the spirit of your successfulness ?
so...we do live for other people.
and we do need other people to succeed
and for that we do need someone else's comments.
hear it, take it and make changes.
it does actually bring goods to yourself AND others.

so what about you being yourself?
i personally dont think that phrase can be used for ALL occasion
when the fact is do look around you
and observed what kind of class of people are you in.
whether its you or the "fake" you
it wont be a big issue no more
since we are here in a REAL world
fakers are everywhere and do not be shocked
if one day you will HAVE to be one of them

for good or for worse
at the end of the day
you will still be YOU ~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Done a little bit of everything
Little bit of everywhere
With a little bit of everyone
All the boys I've been with
Things I've seen it takes much to impress
But sure enough you go it makes your soul stand up from all the rest

I can easily be in love
But I just don't know
Baby one thing is for certain
Whatever you do it's working
All the boys don't matter
In your presence can't do what you do
There's a million boys around but
I don't see no one but you

Dear you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this =)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Do guys out there prefer more (A) than (B) ... ??
Girls, you'll be surprise to know the answer.

A man would prefer his gf/future gf ...
  • (A) an independent women
(B) a women who depends on him ( but not most of the time)

ans: you might think he prefers you to be independent but somehow men actually prefer you to
depend on him,but not on EVERYTHING, when it comes to living.

reason: this is because men do know that women nowadays can actually live without them. Even
without men's money, they can still live. So some or most of them actually feel
threatened by that.

  • (A) show that she is physically a strong person
(B) does not show that she is physically a strong person

ans: strong is meant for men. no matter how strong she can be, men does not prefer them to
show their stronger part. sometimes its funny, somehow cute, to see a girl trying so hard to
lift up a table but she was unable to do so. and there ! the guy will come to her to offer some
help =)

reason: he is already physically strong enough. why would he need a girl who is as strong as
him ?

  • (A) a mature person
(B) a childish person

ans: a man who has gf with the same age or older would love to see the childish part of
her.TRUE! childish here is not the same as ANNOYING ! being childish is very cute to a
man rather than being mature and only talks about facts. Its boring !

reason: they actually need someone who can always cheer him up and makes him forget about
his other side of the world ( tasks, classes, etc..) and sometimes they would want
someone whom they can talk about silly things and do silly stuffs. A mature person dont
do silly things though . BUT a mature + childish person is definitely a good combination !

  • (A) with makeup
(B) without makeup

ans: makeup CREATES a pretty woman but without makeup a woman creates her own beauty

reason: SIMPLE ! without makeup, he can see the beauty of his gf naturally. and somehow he
knew that even when she wakes up every morning, her looks, her face, would be as
pretty as she actually is. so girls. dont HIDE your natural beauty !

  • (A) wearing spectacle (for fun)
(B) wearing contact lense (for fun)

ans: most of them think that a women who wears specs is HOT and SEXY! I do think the same
way too !

reason: For those who wears contact lenses for FUN, you might want to change to wearing a
fabulous spectacle ( can easily get nowadays even w/out power) . Why? Men just love to
see the originality of you, girls! wearing contact lenses will cover up your shiny little
eyeballs and it is totally FAKE ! (excluded for those who put some powers in your
contact lenses)

how true can that be??
DO NOT ask your boyfriend but instead
go ask your guy friends because they are more honest in answering those questionsSs =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

just as much as i realized im not really on track
just as much as i realized im not on my best side
( still so far away )
and just as much as i realized things might be different in some ways, somehow
it might turn out another way round
and for that
by not following the same flow
is the best thing i could have done

Saturday, December 11, 2010

ber angan-angan besar

Skarang dah boleh start berangan la kan what kind of house we wish to have in 5 years time, the colour of the bedroom, baby's room too coz most probably kita da kawin by 26. hee:P just to get an idea of it so that we will study smarter and work harder to earn everything that has been written in our wishlist.

so here are some of mine. what ive been dreaming to have in few years time =)

bilik warna purple is very cozy and relaxing.penat2 kerja masuk bilik ni confirm ummph!

toilet pun mesti la nak matching gak ngan bilik kan :P

OR maybe this kind of toilet pun ok gak. SIMPLE !

baby's room !! yellow is sweet and cute

Haa kalau anak dah besar sket confirm suke football kan.

For the girls, bedroom comel2 camni ssuai sgt :D

this is the best part where i wish my future husband and I could have our own sweet time together by sitting ( while im in his arm ) at night
looking out at the stars
and talk about how things are at workplace, about future and stuff like that ;)

pagi2 boleh bfast kat backyard while reading newspapers.

oOoh terasa kesegarannya :D

tapi tu semua ape yang diharapkan je.

ape yang penting in the house is living with a good, caring and loving husband

and ofcourse kids that will complete a married couple's life.

That is all that matters =)

A day at MidValley

These people has been in my life for quite sometime and I Love them ;)
Munera , Aida & Airin

kami akan dapatkan ini bear satu hari nanti :DD p/s: aida siapkan lori nk angkut.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feels good when everything is back to normal. Alhamdulillah =) sometimes when we go through hardship we nearly forgot that it happens for reasons. we might not want to believe it at the first place because we are just too busy crying for something that wont last long. everyone goes or will go through an inside major pain but of course things like that wont take forever to heal. you
will not forever feel the pain. so why bother "enjoy" the pain so much ? its easy said than done. but from what i've experience things like that shouldn't be a big issue after all because every hardship God created for us will be payed soon enough with full of happiness and joyfulness. Its just a matter of time. God will only test someone based on his ability to handle those problems. He wont test more than that. Every drop of tears from my eyes are now payed off =D
The happiness I've obtain is now worth the pain I'd received.

Monday, November 29, 2010

------ FACEBOOK -------

a MUST WATCH movie !

haaa you ! the facebookers ! online til 4 5am in the morning not having any idea about the creation of the facebook. you guys are just so lazy to search for it? nah ! they created a movie about the founder of facebook. the storyline is EXACTLY the same as the real story behind it. Go and watch! you will enjoy every second of it. From " facemash" to "facebook" and from Harvard college to the whole wide world. I salute you Mark Zuckerberg ! =)

cuti oh cuti !!
doing the same damn thing everyday

skYpiNGgG ~

Friday, October 22, 2010


surprise BIRTHDAY WISH for HIM =) (through skype)
p/s : Happy Birthday. I <3> U .

Thursday, October 21, 2010