Saturday, June 25, 2011

friendship vs gender

Is it true having a bestfriend from a different gender is something impossible?
this is so typical kind of thinking
yes the feeling MIGHT be there somehow or rather
but as long as we know how to handle it so why not?
From a (real close)friendship to a relationship
It is not preferable as friendship is forever
Different case when it comes to relationship
So far having them around is such a bless
they just know when something is wrong
that other people couldnt
Im not good in a relationship
i might not be good in a friendship too
i cannot be the " best gf i've ever had" or
the "best friend i've ever met"
im shory (bak kata amir rajalawak ;p)
so jangan mengharap ye :)
pls pls pls accept me for who i am.
i will be much glad if you can.