Saturday, May 12, 2012


Been offered to join the team.
Out of two which one is better i dont know
which one is the one i really want it
Already have the answer but...the Boss is so-so
Should i listen to others
with more experience working with "the Boss"
or..should I just listen to myself
Its a big step though
Can i really work til late at night
Plus extra work on Saturday
hmm What should I do .... ?
Which to choose ...?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost done with practical training..
Next. VIVA .
Then nak buat apa. pening jugak nak pikir.
Starting to think that far already.
Master mcm best. keje pun mcm best.
Hmm tah la.
Perlu ke belajar tinggi2 utk kerja jawatan tinggi2?
For guys mmg perlu la kot.
Belajar biar sampai ke menara gading org kata.
Tapi org tua2 tak kata pulak kerja pun kena sampai menara gading.
Kan? Adui thesis pun xsiap lagi ni dah pikir benda lain.
Bedtime. Gdnyte.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Been counting on days..
This is the day finally.
One mission and its accomplish.
And whats next?
Not so sure to celebrate
Not too sure to ignore it either
Its just a feeling after all.
Fresh and start new.
When the oldies are still fresh.
Even a single bit.
Still..worthless !