Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Thing To Laugh On

The 5 Most Funniest Examination's Answers !
* Wahh that simple huh..?!!


* xtau nak selesaikan last2 gantung diri.hahaha~

p/s : pls do not even think to answer the final questions using above "answers" !

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mari Makan !

Ahad day is back !
Its been awhile since the last time i had my lunch/dinner with family on SUNDAY.
[selalu kat segamat je mkn maggie ari ahad :( ]
Our venue for lunch today was at Saba Restaurant, Setiawangsa.
There are alot of Arabian people berkampung kat area Setiawangsa and Ampang nie.
So kalau nk try makanan Arab dtg la sini:)
Saba Restaurant is quite famous too in Cyberjaya.
satu plate blh tahan smpai malam kenyang dia confirm !
Here are some of the menu (not owned by me)

Rihanna - California King Bed Live

Saturday, June 25, 2011

friendship vs gender

Is it true having a bestfriend from a different gender is something impossible?
this is so typical kind of thinking
yes the feeling MIGHT be there somehow or rather
but as long as we know how to handle it so why not?
From a (real close)friendship to a relationship
It is not preferable as friendship is forever
Different case when it comes to relationship
So far having them around is such a bless
they just know when something is wrong
that other people couldnt
Im not good in a relationship
i might not be good in a friendship too
i cannot be the " best gf i've ever had" or
the "best friend i've ever met"
im shory (bak kata amir rajalawak ;p)
so jangan mengharap ye :)
pls pls pls accept me for who i am.
i will be much glad if you can.

Friday, June 24, 2011

cuti cuti cuti

Finally !! lepas dah one and the final paper of this semester .
Letihnyee but it was such a fun class =D
Now i realized finance students alone are that boring.(including me) hahaha
bila join ngan budak2 marketing n isb atleast tak la tension sgt
they know how to make fun in class.
kerja belambak2 . satu hari xdpt 10 soalan kna bwt bak kata Ms. Tan "Itu bukan saya ,"
sebulan punye keje 3 test pad abes !
but when looked at it back those works ive done...with the marks i get
berbaloi la rm200. sgt berbaloi :)
results will be out soon. hopefully dapat la lepas target. (nervous!)
so now its time for me to have a goooodd reeeeeesssssttttt
nak pegi keliling dunia, snorkling, bungee jumping, and do all those craziest things
lagi best kalau dpt jadi mcm david blaine.
rendam dalam air lame2 sampai bukak sem.
Wake me up when August end okey? hehe
Perhaps, i should try :)